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Toronto-based artist Bryn embodies her own artistic evolution with her 2018 release,Tempest. Elegant and lyrically vindictive, Bryn walks the line between power and personability with her upcoming dark alt-pop album Tempest. Following her first two releases— Freefall (2015) and Gone (2016)— Bryn immediately began writing songs for her third full-length album, a departure from the sweetness and delicate beauty of her first two records.

Reminiscent of Lorde’s vocal styling and the weighty darkness of Banks’s The Altar,Tempest represents both an artistic revolution and a complete reimagining of Bryn’s previous singer- songwriter pop. The combination of complex song structure and lyrical minimalism perfectly captures the maturity and overall direction of both Tempest and Bryn’s career as an artist. Tempest is a maelstrom of melancholy and self-reclamation.

The raw and hypnotizing energy of Bryn’s stage performance extends into the sonic stylings of Tempest, mirroring her poise and subtle venom. The release of Tempestpromises to herald a new era of success for Bryn, propelling her into the Toronto music scene an established and skillful artist.